Testimonials & Recommendations

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I am an animal lover and homeowner in Miami, Florida. I currently own over forty animals. My father lives in New York so I often go to visit him several times a year. In the past it was nearly impossible to find a pet sitter because all my pets are exotic except for my cat. I could not find anyone with the qualifications, experience,or willingness to care for all my pets. I recently decided to give it another try and found Sophia's Animal Friends. Boy was I excited when I read she cares for exotics and has 10+ years of experience. I called her up and we scheduled a meet and greet. Sophia was very educated and prepared for the job! She instantly hit it off with my new parrot, Tookie, mind you he doesn’t get along with many people. I knew she was the right fit for the job at that point. Sophia has cared for all for all my pets and home around a dozen times now and I couldn’t be happier with her service. She leaves my home immaculate, animals well fed and cared for, and some how finds time to do basic training and pet portraits. I've already purchased several hand drawn portraits from her. Sophia is someone you can trust and rely on. She works hard and diligently and I will feel happy to have her care for my pets for several years to come.

Matthew Kendi Client

I’m writing to recommend Sophia Aldecoa. Sophia has worked for Jungle Island for almost 8 years from February 2013 to October 2020. I’ve always been impressed with her ability to handle guests and her care for the animals. She greets customers with a smile, and her knowledge is such that she is always able to answer their questions. She also would put the care of the animals above all else. She made an effort unprompted by management to create and implement different enrichment ideas for all the animals.

Joanne Pierre – Louis Animal Department Manager

Sophia has worked for me in various capacities over the last 7 years. Throughout her tenure at Jungle Island, Sophia has demonstrated several traits that make her an excellent candidate for acceptance into your program. Her work ethic and desire to improve herself are but two of these qualitites. Sophia has shown a strong desire to improve herself and her knowledge. As with any job, there is always the chance to further educate yourself and Sophia took full advantage of this. If there was ever a time that she did not understand or know something, Sophia made sure to pursue that information until she was satisfied that she completely understood. Either by asking direct questions, or doing the research herself, Sophia was able to improve on her knowledge during her tenure at Jungle Island. Sophia's willingness to take the time to improve herself on her own time, will serve her well in any professional application. Sophia's work ethic is another quality that consistently stood out. Sophia was always able and wanting to go the extra mile to make sure the job got done--and got done right. There are many instances where Sophia stayed late (again, on her own time) or came in early to help a fellow staff member complete a certain task. Work ethic, and the desire to see things through to the end are important characteristics to possess in this industry. Jungle Island is a zoological institution in the heart of Miami, where people can escape the confines of the city life and experience animals in a different way. Sophia Aldecoa has been one of the best employees to work at the park. Even during the hottest days, Sophia always brought her best and made those around her better. Whether through sharing knowledge, the willingness to further herself, or a great work ethic, Sophia always made her team stronger. It is these qualities that make Sophia an ideal candidate for your program. We will be sad to lose Sophia, but will be happy with the knowledge that she will make any team that much better.

Jason Chatfield DVM VP Zoological Operations

A passion for wildlife and the natural world runs in my family, and I am proud that my younger sister Sophia Aldecoa is pursuing this passion as a career. Sophia has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience working and volunteering at different wildlife organizations and facilities over the years. Her attention to detail and safety when working with different species has awarded her high remarks from her colleagues and managers. She also brings a unique skill set in her art work and creative mindset, two attributes that go hand in hand with wildlife education and conservation. I am confident that Sophia would make a fantastic addition to any team and work diligently at any task assigned.

Mario Aldecoa Wildlife Biologist