Pet Grooming

Certified pet groomer graduated from Merryfield School of Pet Grooming.  I never like to rush the process, my main goal is to make sure that each grooming experience is comfortable and safe for your pet so they feel welcomed and excited for their next appointment!


Exotic Pet Sitting

With over 10 years of experience caring for exotic animals. I believe it is very important to leave it up to the professionals when it comes to your exotic pets, their needs are unique and require a qualified and experienced professional.


Pet Portraits

When I'm not caring for animals, I spend time painting or drawing them. I would love to create a custom artwork for you of your beloved pet on your choice of either digital or acrylic on canvas.


Meet & Greet Required

First Consultation Free!

For all pet sitting services, I require a meet and greet either in person at your home or FaceTime to discuss your pets needs and restrictions. I will gather the necessary information about your pets and home for booking new services, and go over the necessary forms and policies. I will also get two house keys to keep securely on file in order to provide future pet sitting services and provide clients lockout services.


We Follow COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We follow social distancing and safety protocols recommended by public health officials, such as disinfecting equipment, as well as wearing gloves and face masks while handling your pets. Contact us at (786) 587-0371 if you have any concerns!

About Sophia Aldecoa 

Sophie is an artist and animal care professional from Miami, Florida. While her specialty is exotic birds, she is experienced with all animals from house pets to farm animals and exotic wildlife. 

10+ Years Experience At


Personalized Care For Every Species 

I enjoy caring for pets that need special handling and expertise, such as:

See What People Are Saying

Someone You Can Trust

Sophia was very educated and prepared for the job! She instantly hit it off with my new parrot, Tookie, mind you he doesn’t get along with many people. I knew she was the right fit for the job at that point. She leaves my home immaculate, animals well fed and cared for, and some how finds time to do basic training and pet portraits. Sophia is someone you can trust and rely on. I will happily have her care for my pets for several years to come.

Matthew Kendi Client
Goes The Extra Mile

Sophia has worked for me in various capacities at Jungle Island over the last 7 years. Her work ethic is quality that consistently stood out. She was always able and wanting to go the extra mile to sure the job got done--and got done right. There are many instances where Sophia stayed late (on her own time) or came in early to help a colleague. Sophia has been one of the best employees to work at the park. Even during the hottest days, she always brought her best and made those around her better.

Jason Chatfield DVM VP Zoological Operations
Puts Animals Above All Else

Sophia has worked for Jungle Island for almost 8 years. I’ve always been impressed with her ability to handle guests and her care for the animals. She greets customers with a smile, and her knowledge is such that she is always able to answer their questions. She also would put the care of the animals above all else. She made an effort unprompted by management to create and implement different enrichment ideas for all the animals.

Joanne Pierre – Louis
Animal Department Manager