It all started with a bird named Red...

He was known to be very aggressive and wasn’t handled much at the facility where he lived due to a bad history of biting. I started off slowly with him and in no time Red the sun conure and I were inseparable! From our bond, my deep love and understanding for animals really grew into my life's passion. I've worked hands on with over 200 parrots, each of which I got to know on a very deep level. I can easily say I love all animals but parrots hold a place in my heart, as well as an understanding, unlike any other animal.

I've also spent seven years working with primates like orangutans, baboons, gibbons, capuchins, and even the little marmoset. I've learned so much about primate behavior, intelligence, and health by working side by side with the vet distributing medications, as well as primate procedures and checkups. I am not the same person after working with six orangutans that I would now call family. We practiced school and training. I created enrichment and special events for them, like birthdays and holidays, and of course I put together beautiful and nutritious diets for them everyday. I will forever hold them dear to my heart and visit them at the Center For Great Apes.

I want to continue dedicating my love, care, and patience to all animals in need. I want to educate and continue learning so animals get the very best treatment possible because they deserve nothing less. On my spare time, I create art work inspired by several species of animals - check out my art page for more information.

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About Sophia Aldecoa 

Sophie is an artist and animal care professional from Miami, Florida. While her specialty is exotic birds, she is experienced with all animals from house pets to farm animals and exotic wildlife. 

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